New Horizons

Regret & Reflection II

There in the distance lies evidence of the great force of the wind in the sails that went previously unnoticed

There just beyond the mountain peak, rays of sun-light illuminate hidden valley pathways leading to cavernous indentations of the landscape before unseen

At my side, diligently standing but never before appreciated remains friend, comforter and confidant always taken for granted

Now the death of an old life is at hand and new horizons await.  That which had been muzzled by ignorance and vanity is finally released from the blast of Gabriel’s Trumpet

I shook with fear and then cried tears of joy as I came to understand the true nature of the journey is in each step taken and not the journey’s end

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundiThoth


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Box Life


Absolute Control is an illusion and don’t you forget it

Because you have learned to navigate inside the Box you believe that you own it and can control it along with everyone inside

With all the power that you exercise you have forgotten one thing – you too are still inside a Box

And when that sudden realisation weighs you down and buries you in your own arrogance and ignorance, I will be there

For I seek not to control the contents of the Box but rather to understand it

…to comprehend its place in Time/Space, in Source Creation

In doing so, I have felt it – the Source Creation itself

It is Me and I it and Everything that ever is, ever was and ever will be

So know you this would-be Box controller, you are nothing because you are limited

believing that power rest with the ability to control all that you see, hear and feel

and in that confined mode of thought and belief, you are chained to relive a single reality over and over again until you are able to evolve beyond it

So for now, enjoy your Box Life but always keep in mind and in your being – you are nothing and will be made to understand that when your current reality fades

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundiThoth

Tell Me…



…why does the sun shine upon the young and old; the strong and the feeble; the rich and the poor and the wise and foolish equally when clearly they are not?

…why does the rainfall comfort me in a way that a sunny day cannot?

…why do tears signal both joy and happiness as well as pain and despair?

…why must it be so exhausting in the company of many while so peaceful in solitude?

…why isn’t beauty and happiness seen as a universal concept instead of dictated by the beholder?

…why am I separated from the Constant of creation and the Spirit of Wisdom though they beckon me and I for them?

…why am I allowed only to glimpse Truth but not experience its full beauty and magnificence?

…why have I been allowed to be raised in what is considered foster care at best while my Family be not far from me?

…why are YOU not here to explain all of this to me now and nourish me within the knowledge that is so desired?

Please tell me!

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Joke I




Point to Ponder XII

Ponder III

Truth…thy light has been obscured, thy name has been soiled and thy soul corrupted Trident Vwhile Liberty, Logic and Reason have been shackled.

Mystic I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Featured image by: Mark Vallen

Who Wants To Live Forever and be Dead Like Me?

Birthdays are an exercise in self-conflict. Initially we look forward to each new year that marks a point in linear time that in the grand design has absolutely no meaning. Yet to the celebrant, it represents a time when one is at the centre of creation. when all bow down to honour the most import day of the most important being.

Slowly, methodically before one realizes, that day which once meant everything to everyone within the context of our own hubris now bears the burden of that very creation upon us.  It is now a reminder that we are not the omnipotent, immortal we once believed ourselves to be.  When we once viewed our existence in terms of “forever”, we now fearfully count each precious minute of each irreplaceable day as one kneeling before the executioner coming to the horrifying realization that linear time in fact does have an ending – we have an ending.

But for a selected few, like me, there comes that special birthday when an epiphany manifests. Clarity can not be quantified and it is understood that the perception of what “life is” can never be conceptualized in the same way again. On that day, everything dies – the conditioning you have experienced since your first breath; the perception of need, of fear, of love, of existence.  Your sight, true sight, now confirms the reality of what “IS” contrary to that indoctrinated by the natural senses. There, in a crypt adorned with vines and thorns, deception lays decaying never to be unearthed again.

On that birthday – that unique, special day when the bliss of ignorance truly dies, you are born anew constituting of both a blessing and a curse. One is cursed never to feel the comfort of all that is or was ever known before. To be an outcast, lonely, forever isolated from that which was familiar, comfortable and home.  You can never return to that rapturous yet unlettered slumber. In this enlightened, quietus state one now wears wisdom as the only raiment that will ever be desired or needed.  Truth is heard without filter and seen without the aid of lenses.  It is daunting to be sure but can also be overwhelmingly euphoric.  Courage to reside in this lonely spirit world is an absolute necessity when you are “Living Forever and Dead Like Me”.

Mystic I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Promise Me (a poem)

creation I

In my peaceful solitude when the air that surrounds is calm

and the once raging rivers beyond my garden’s lattice is still

Serene thoughts of You capture the fertile imagination

Beauty is the only concept that is known if not completely understood or appreciated

I behold the splendour that defines Your very existence and I am comforted beyond what can be expressed by mere words

I am defined in the moment, at this place, in this time

and You

Do You spare thoughts of me and how things were?

When all things were new and the power of creation flowed flawlessly from Your presence illuminating all the world around us

Do You think of me fondly though we have long parted and time has obscured all that we have shared?

For me the embers remain flickering ever so softly,  my only tether to that which I cannot return

If authority be Yours, and it pleases the spirit

Promise you’ll find me – in time, in space and let beauty and love of a union that once was be ours again

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Juxtaposition of Life and Death (A Poem)

The light sealed between the shadows is suffocated but it does not die

It is strong, resilient and unending

Though it seems to be overwhelmed  by the darkness, it struggles

Unyielding, undeniable, unforgiving in its nature to be free and to strike balance within

The fates do serve well nurturing maturation and evolution until one day it emerges

unfettered, invulnerable and by grace, divine

Fear and Rejoice

I am here, aware – now reborn

Quod oritur, moritur, et renascitur

Mystic I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Featured image by Barbara McKell

Trump 3:16


The world raged long before the narcissist saviour arrived

…in greed

…in jealousy

…in corruption

…and in hatred

The Conservative Selfish Child remained on his high-horse for far too long

…as a self- entitled, self-loathing hypocrite

…immersed in parochial dogma that had to be accepted by ALL

…waging war just to wage war just because it can be waged to acquire desires that must be met

The Forgotten Liberal Sibling subjugated for far too long must have the attention it craves and deserves

…lost in a myriad of reasons why the belief in their own superiority is manifest destiny

…deluded in conscience and perspective that “if what is or has been is not all inclusive, then by their own right it must be replaced with another vision. Their vision.”

…waging war just to wage war just because the ownership of “Justice”, “Honesty” and  “Integrity” surely is not shared but a monopoly that is exclusively “Mine” and not the “Others”

With these competing ideological philosophies, why then wouldn’t Trump 3:16 be what we all deserve?

…to all suffer universally Together

…to humbly acknowledge Together the karmic reciprocity of egocentric actions we have taken

…to cower in fear Together to “the Monster” we have manifested from our worst nightmare

…to be silenced by our Beast

Trump 3:16 is what we have ALL ignorantly created in our self-obsessed pursuit of our own desires

…and it is, without a doubt, what we ALL deserve

…so be not worried for the morrow and accept that which “IS” for today that has been fashioned by our own hands, in our own ignorance

…in greed

…in jealousy

…in corruption

…and in hatred


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Consider a Life Lobotomy


When the meaning of a life is obscured by a storm of perpetual anger, hate, and jealousy

When emotional confusion and turmoil about everything we hear and perceive is the norm

a Life Lobotomy is the recommended surgery to get through an existence without meaning


When the light of true love hides in dark shadows to avoid hurt and pain and

being lost in a circular maze of fear prevents you from searching for her

a Life Lobotomy may be your only hope to get you through this life


When listening to the lies of a sales representative of someone standing right in front of you is no longer bearable

When the meaning of everything you ever knew and understood becomes fluid based on the powers that be in the moment

a Life Lobotomy will get you through.


Take some time away from the strife of life and find yourself. Find your true creator in Seven and experience a serenity never known before. There is no need to bury yourself in meaningless affairs; spirits of wheat and barley or special pills to heal your ills

That shiny gadget or new coat and pair of shoes won’t be necessary either

nor will the mobile that has been attached to your hand with its anticipation of endless texts and emails of a fantasy you pray will become real be necessary


Yes, a Life Lobotomy may be just the thing you need when your eyes finally open to truth and understand that all those things you have been foolishly chasing are just the manipulations of a magician to keep your inner voice pre-occupied


Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom are waiting for us all but we must have the courage to accept it and the strength to resist the distractions.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II




Cogitation of Veritas (Meditation on Truth)

Why do we refuse to see what is? Is there something about the Truth that is so aversive that to fully perceive it would mean inevitable death to us – death of our ideals; death of our reverie and of the constructs that comprises our reality?  Are we that fragile and fearful by nature or were we programmed this way?  Is fear of seeing the truth of who we really are the reason we are always seeking control?

Is IVBy nature we fear to grow old and to die. In truth, everything ages in one form or another and everything eventually ceases to exist, at least in it’s physical state.  To see truth means to see our weaknesses as well as our strengths.  Denying that truth or at least part of it, allows us to project only power.  Controlling how much of truth we see and accept gives us a sense of supremacy of all that lies before us. We may or may not believe in the existence of an all powerful creator but the control we take by denying truth gives us the feeling of being a god ourselves or at least a false perception of it.  But it is all just a mirage with no depth and no substance.  It is simply not real.  No matter who you are, where you are, what you are or what you believe in – failure to see the truth in that which is external to us as well as that which lies within ourselves makes us a flawed creation forever producing and reproducing flawed creations. Is V

When we pause to take an honest look around and within, we tremble with fear because we know that with every fibre of our being that which is seen is illusion – always fluid, somewhat tepid by nature but yet always changing and transitioning for which we have no control.  Perhaps that is why we dare not ever slow down or stop.  We choose to forsake truth and maintain control forever residing in trepidation and denial, foolishly taking on the mantel of our own god.

Below is a video by Collective Soul – “Shine”. Hoping to shine some light of truth


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II