Trump 3:16


The world raged long before the narcissist saviour arrived

…in greed

…in jealousy

…in corruption

…and in hatred

The Conservative Selfish Child remained on his high-horse for far too long

…as a self- entitled, self-loathing hypocrite

…immersed in parochial dogma that had to be accepted by ALL

…waging war just to wage war just because it can be waged to acquire desires that must be met

The Forgotten Liberal Sibling subjugated for far too long must have the attention it craves and deserves

…lost in a myriad of reasons why the belief in their own superiority is manifest destiny

…deluded in conscience and perspective that “if what is or has been is not all inclusive, then by their own right it must be replaced with another vision. Their vision.”

…waging war just to wage war just because the ownership of “Justice”, “Honesty” and  “Integrity” surely is not shared but a monopoly that is exclusively “Mine” and not the “Others”

With these competing ideological philosophies, why then wouldn’t Trump 3:16 be what we all deserve?

…to all suffer universally Together

…to humbly acknowledge Together the karmic reciprocity of egocentric actions we have taken

…to cower in fear Together to “the Monster” we have manifested from our worst nightmare

…to be silenced by our Beast

Trump 3:16 is what we have ALL ignorantly created in our self-obsessed pursuit of our own desires

…and it is, without a doubt, what we ALL deserve

…so be not worried for the morrow and accept that which “IS” for today that has been fashioned by our own hands, in our own ignorance

…in greed

…in jealousy

…in corruption

…and in hatred


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Thoughts on Politics

politics III

Just wanted to share this video clip with everyone.  It is typical of most politicians who seem genetically bred not to answer questions directly.  For some reason this particular video came to mind as I was listening to Ted Cruz answer (or not answer) questions regarding his chances for procuring the Republican nomination.

Hillary Clinton also sets a fine example answering questions about her emails, Benghazi and getting rid of West Virginia Coal Mining jobs.  Politicians are a breed unto themselves and we all pay for it!

Video reminds me of Ted Cruz trying to answer a question honestly but really saying noting at all.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Predictions I

When it comes  to predicting the winner of the United States Presidency for 2016…..

Donald Trump

Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio

John Kasich

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

None of the Above


……..My prediction is NONE of the ABOVE!


  • It seems that the Republican party is intent on self-destruction. This would be politics IVpreferable to them rather than nominating Donald Trump as its nominee as evident by Mitt Romney’s laser-focused tirade against him on Thursday 03/03/2016.
  • Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio just can’t seem to coalesce enough of the electorate around them to secure the nomination. Their campaigns are in seriousbuilding Trump X.png.jpg desperation which can clearly be observed by how they are “gang-banging” him now. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney did not endorse either of them for the presidency seemingly leaving an open door for himself for a possible third run for the White House or to put forth another candidate
  • John Kasich doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades unfortunatelypredictions III in my opinion
  • Hillary Clinton has serious integrity issues as evident by the Classified Emails,building Trump VII.png Clinton Foundation and Benghazi scandals. I expect one of those issues or some other involving her integrity, or lack thereof, will come back to bite her in the backside. And let’s be honest for a moment, anyone else in her position would be taken to account for the aforementioned issues.  To her credit though, she may be able to employ the “Affluenza” defence.
  • Though Bernie Sanders has a galvanizing campaign especially with regard to the younger voters, his appeal as a socialist does not seem to be broad enough to secure him the presidency


At this point, in all honesty, I would be a better candidate for the office of the president Predictions IIand may just write my own name in on the ballot.  Hey, by what has transpired in this election process, anything can happen. I think I will start defining my views on the important issues of our time. My vision, “America Deserves Better!”

If you should happen to see “Mavrik” on the ballot – give me a chance and I thank you for your support in November!


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Thoughts on Politics

politics IVpolitics III

With the state of the American political climate, it’s hard to have anything but politics on ones mind.  Today Mitt Romney delivered a scathing speech blasting his parties front runner – Donald Trump.  Now I am not a supporter of any one particular candidate for president or party at this stage of the game but it was unprecedented to have an elder of a party (any party) come out and essentially try to circumvent the democratic process by bad-mouthing the front runner in the hopes of sabotaging the will of the people.

America is still, for now, a democratic nation where the will of the majority should reign through a fair and just process. To interfere with that process is to invite chaos.  It is one of the ideals the nation’s forefathers fought for in a bloody revolution with Great Britain. If it is the will of the majority of Americans or in this case the Republican Party, to have Trump as their candidate, then that is exactly what should happen no matter what establishment leaders may think.  The same holds true for the Democrats or any other party for that matter.

Politics is, unfortunately, a bloody struggle between combatants striving for their coveted prize – political office and it usually comes at the expense of ordinary people as they often make promises that they are unable to keep while pandering for their votes.  Regardless, it is up to each candidate to make their case to the people in pursuit of that prize or office. It is also quite unfortunate that the struggle can get exceptionally nasty at times but the will of the people must not be subverted from those outside of the immediate process especially from someone with Mitt Romney’s status as his party’s elder.  It is my sincerest hope that the rhetoric turns from the personal attacks by the candidates and bias, entertainment reporting by the media to the significant issues and challenges that are facing this nation.  Issues such as the economy and the every shrinking middleclass; healthcare for all citizens; threats to the nation’s security whether internal or external; the disturbing immigration issue both in the United States and abroad; reducing the astronomical national debt; improving the infrastructure which is falling into decline; the improvement and modernization of the military for Defense; foreign conflicts around the globe; the disproportionate incarceration and penalties doled out to minorities; campaign finance reform; encroachment on civil liberties by the government; reduction in Social Security benefits for seniors; the destruction of the environment and on and on it goes ad nauseum, should be the discussions that not only the candidates should be having but concerns that every single American should demand be addressed.

This country, as well as the entire world, is changing rapidly around us and the childish, inept leadership and bias information being disseminated by the media that we are experiencing can no longer be tolerated! There also seems to be a prevailing selfishness and mean-spiritedness within ourselves. Our children are also undoubtedly being affected by the behaviours of adults acting as entitled, irresponsible adolescents while the environment of a beautiful lush planet continues to be abused and its natural resources eroded.  We are at a breaking point and humanity is on the verge of a total and complete reset.  I have alluded to in previous posts that a change needs to occur within ourselves first.  There must be a consciousness awakening with respect to ourselves, our relationships, communities and governments.  Only then can there be a genuine movement to renew and revitalize the world in which we live. A world that has supported and nurtured us through both good times and bad. One that has unselfishly put up with our arrogance, ignorance and tendencies toward our own self-destruction as well as that of the only home we have known.

The actions of Mitt Romney today as well as those of most of the other participants politicsinvolved in the American election process has devolved significantly and only serve to continue to undermine a nation that was truly destined for greatness and one that was meant to stand as a shinning example of what could be accomplished when men and women of diverse race, religions and personal philosophies come together in spite of our varying and acute differences.  I truly hope and pray that it is not too late for the spark that abides within each and everyone of us to be rekindled,  illuminating a path through the darkness to a brighter future not just for the United States but for all inhabitants of this world.


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II