I would own the greatest castle if I were not so simple of a man

I would wear the most expensive mode if I were not so disgusted by the envy of others

I would immerse myself in the wonderment of my Mother’s nature if others had not defiled it so

I would accumulate treasure and wealth beyond measure if it were not so corrupted by the souls of the foolish

I would navigate all the tranquil seas of this world if they had not been so polluted by ignorance

I would be enslaved by Aphrodite’s passion if it had not been reduced to vanity and trinkets of illusion by Madmen

I would save Nation and World from its insecure, parochial, vindictive, paranoid un-enlightenment consuming conscience and soul in its journey into the abyss if it were not for the fact that I simply don’t care

For what purpose then beautiful and enigmatic Creation, is it to desire, to live and then to perish?

In Athena’s name I beseech thee for Solomonic wisdom!

I invoke Descartes’ pondering, “I Think Therefore I AM” but what meaning holds this in elucidation in purity and truth of a living death where to live evokes no passion or purpose?

Am I ugly for feeling, or for not feeling?

And…if I may ask, or you ugly like me so that I am not alone?

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundiThoth

e pluribus Unum (A Poem)

E Pluribus Unem II - by Warlock Molly

Parallel Dimensions by WorlockMolly

Contemplating space and place is all consuming for one who has no space in this place

Yet here is where I reside in form yet undeniably outside of this time, outside of this space, outside of this being and outside of convention

Thought, thinking, remembering, forgetting, agonizing, hoping against hope but feeling the potential of possibilities unseen

Images and faces laced in clouded emotion bare witness to both what was and what will be

Though I am here, fragments of self beckons to be seen, heard and understood from a myriad of mansions in dimensions that claim prime of reality and truth all their own

There is no substance only embers – barely visible, remotely comprehensible

“Learn, understand, mature and morph into that which has been prophesied”, they implore as I remain just beyond the barrier’s rim

“We know your fears; we feel your pain – for we too have suffered and traversed that very chasm mired in darkness as you will also”

“You will add to us and we to you, becoming ONE in form and in consciousness”

There, which is not there, will have no space, no place and no trace of time

After there will be a moment of rest but only for a season

For WE resolve to Evolve, therefore there is no ending only renewed beginnings

Doors opening and closing and then opening again without end

Mystic I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Just A Thought

Party animals I

As you hangout to celebrate a new year, don’t get hungover in the same old places and bad habits.

Think, Act and Drink Responsibly to ensure that you are around for the promise of a Happy New Year!




Wisdom I




Uber Conscience of Reflection

Woman Looking at Reflection

Woman Looking at Reflection — Image by © Elisa Lazo de Valdez/Corbis

Through manipulation and intimidation was the war waged

Subjugation and fear must its desired end be!

Against the snare of Loki’s mastery did I grapple

and from the might of Ares’ sword did I flee

But with enormous arrogance I denied my fragility

falling ever deeper within the confines of my hubris

I became lost and was no longer recognisable to myself

As I paused in the midst of chaos to reflect upon the murkiness of the mire

Did I discern with certain clarity, that the tormentor in chase was created by mine own reasoning

And with mine own reflection did stare back without cause or compassion

Stated grimly yet curiously sanguine, “With you I will always be.”

uber II

Holiday Season Musings

Thinking II

As I sit down to compose another blog, I find that I am beside myself with worry and concern, as I am sure most of you are, with regard to the state of current affairs and the direction that this world is headed.   As we near this commercialised season where we are wished a Merry Christmas; shop until we inevitably drop searching for that special deal for ourselves and others and nonchalantly stress peace and good will, it’s hard to buy into an idealised fantasy of the season with all the pretentiousness, selfishness, hate, violence and death. How can anyone truly be optimistic considering the recent violent events in France, the US, and the Middle East? You can basically pick any location across the globe and look on with fear and horror  at what is transpiring.

It’s quite ironic, or perhaps just sad, that we primarily call for peace on earth, good will towards others and shop for baubles when violence, conflict and war is the order of the day.  The world has become more polarised  by ideological differences and we seem to become more desensitised to the resulting violence as we casually focus more on arguing or debating who’s right and who’s wrong with respect to etiology.  I use the term “etiology” because what we are facing seems like a disease of man-kind.  We face this disease of hatred and violence by foolishly polarising ourselves and then assigning blame to the symptoms instead of Thinking IVintelligently finding the root cause. The resulting choices that we make  are based on misguided assumptions and rooted in fear and personal ambition. This then inevitably leads to the making of more monsters spreading more diseases.

I would like to believe that the glass is half full rather than half empty regarding the destiny of the human species but that is exceptionally difficult to do.  Considering how self-absorbed we are individually and the degree to which our societies and governments have increasingly become more and more self-serving guided by the will of the few instead of the needs of the many, it is quite easy to take a pessimistic view on the fate of humanity.  This pains me deeply to ponder as it should anyone of conscience, compassion and intelligence.

I don’t want to mislead you into thinking that I have the cure for what ails us. I don’t believe that any one person does.  At the cost of repeating myself, I do believe that we need to alter the course that we find ourselves on by altering our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. We need to see clearly through the smoke and mirrors that we have been bombarded with.  I have never been one of late to revel in the commercial Christmas season. I believe that the best gift you can give to someone comes from within and not from an expensive department store. Without trying to sound maudlin or too pretentious, the greatest gift one can Thinking IIIreceive is your time, understanding, compassion, wisdom, and love.  I know that many around this world have been affected by violence, hatred and despair either directly or indirectly. We need to help as a community or individually and reject the selfish, self-serving mentality that seems to be omnipresent.

Below I have included a video link to one of my favourite songs. To me it’s about utilising sympathy and empathy for another.  I hope that you will enjoy it also and give sincere thought for the well-being of others as well as who you really are as an individual and what type of world you want to live in and pass on.

Holding on to Fear

Pause II

While on a recent visit to my childhood home I reflected upon the years gone by and experienced an epiphany or a revelation of sorts.  What I realised was that I had been living in fear.  The fear was of the nature of my life and everything in it changing unrecognisably.   Losing my childhood or the ideal of it consumed me essentially impacting nearly every aspect of my life along the way.

Growing up, home had been a constant for me.  It seemed nothing ever really changed or if it did it wasn’t by much.  My mother was always there for me – the nurturer, the cook,  and to some degree my friend and counsellor. My father, though I never spent very much time with him, was somehow always around as well. My brothers and sisters had remained the same and even though they had children of their own, they too were rigid fixtures anchored in time.  Each change of season and holiday was something I could set my proverbial watch by.  Whether good or bad nothing ever really changed and my world was always safe and dependable. Unbeknownst to me, that would all change with the death of someone that was very important in my life.

I lost a close family friend, someone who had known me since the day I had been born. This man was our family minister and nothing less than a surrogate father to me.  He basically guided me through life getting me over some very difficult hurdles.  He was there for me when my father was not. I thoroughly enjoyed his counsel and so did countless numbers of others. In fact, he would receive visitors from miles away who would come just to hear his words and prophecies. He had a mystical quality about him and was nothing short of extraordinary.  His loss shook me more than I could have imagined. I didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to him properly as I was out of the country during the time of his passing.

Several years later, I lost an older sister to a brain aneurysm. She was fairly young and as it occurred suddenly and unexpectedly, I never had the opportunity to say goodbye to her either. This would later become a pattern for me, not saying goodbye.  Things in my world would remain fairly stable for a few years after that until I lost my brother to cancer in 2010 and a year ago, lost my father.  I wasn’t home for either of their funerals as I had been living abroad and unable to get back in time.  I think part of me in some way did not want to face the losses.  I could not come to terms with the life changes they represented.  Now with the opportunity to come home again, nothing is the same and my deepest fears have come to fruition.  My mother and siblings are much older than I remembered. Nieces and nephews are either in college or working with lives of their own and all of them are virtually unrecognisable to me now. My childhood home and community also seemed to have drastically changed  as has life itself. Nothing feels the same or is the same.

According to the Oxford Dictionary “fear” is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or is a threat. It is also a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something or the safety and well-being of someone.  All of the aforementioned is, in some way applicable.  Fear of changes, of loss, of failures, of success and so on and so forth have plagued me since childhood. It has impacted me in some very critical ways well into my adulthood affecting my ambitions, goals, relationships, and views on life.  I believe this is true of all of us to a certain extent. 

It is my contention that we internalise certain fears that we have burying them so deeply that we consciously forget that they existed at all.  It then becomes difficult for us to let go, give up or even in some respects to “move on”.  I have stated in a recent post that the very nature of life itself is change.  The fear of that change whether it is perceived or not can affect us in some unimaginable and profound ways.  This fear can be quite debilitating and hinder who we are or who we are to become.  It can destroy relationships and leave us both figuratively and literally alone.  It also may impact our physical health as well as our happiness.  A certain degree of anxiety or fear is healthy and to a degree necessary.  Too much fear can leave us drowning not only in our past but lost in a world of “would-have, could-have or should-have-been”.

Personally, as I move forward, I understand that I have to deal with the fear and pain of loss.  The realisation that nothing is permanent in this world is the first step.  Everything changes whether it is family, communities, countries, environments and especially oneself. At some point, everything also dies. It is a fact of life and is a necessity for rebirth. Fully understanding this can be transformative.  I am not use to penning these types of personal posts but the epiphany compelled me to share this.  I hope this revelation finds those of you who may be experiencing a similar life crisis.

Wisdom I

Digital Age Disconnection

Technology VI

As I am out an about traveling today, I have logged a few observations with respect Technology IIto this digital/techno age we find ourselves immersed in and the decline of human interaction.  It is quite odd to note the sheer number of social animals mesmerised by their toys instead of engaged in interaction with one another. Especially in a setting which is conducive to collective gathering and chatter, the preference is to consult with ones personal companion – i.e. mobile phone, laptop or other so-called “smart” gadget to occupy their idle time and dull their senses.

Technology VI was also quite amazed by the fact that the private mobile phone is not-so private as we would like it to be. Just recall how often you have been privy to a private, personal and often uncomfortable conversation by a number of individuals in a rather public place – such as an airport, movie theatre or a train station. If you should ever find yourself in a very populated location whether it be in one of the aforementioned or any busy thoroughfare, take 10 to 20 minutes and make note of exactly how many social animals you note on their personal mobile phones.  My count, in a populated and busy shopping area in one European city came to 100 in roughly 25 minutes. I would not be shocked if you could surpass that number.

It wasn’t so long ago when these items were just novelty and human interaction meant talking to one another or taking the time to chat with someone you were not very familiar with.  That took courage by today’s standards. Something that seems to be in drastic decline today.  I mean how much courage can it take to live on the internet communicating with others in a sterile manner without having to subject yourself to the frightening aspect of having to speak face to face.  And if you have some unpleasant news to convey such as your displeasure with someone or Technology VIIperhaps to end a relationship, why not send an email or better yet a quick text – “It’s been nice spending time with you the last couple of weeks but I think I need some me time now. Perhaps we’ll meet up some other time. :)”  Have any of you been the victim of one of these courageous communicates or perhaps aware of someone who has?

Technology VIII

It seems as though our lives are becoming so sterile and that society is on this unyielding spiral downward as technology becomes more intrusive in our lives.  The most disturbing aspect of that statement is that we are happily riding the train to that very destruction.  I have stated before that it is great to connect with someone over vast distances that we would not otherwise be able to stay in close contact with. However, when does the use of devices for that purpose become excessive? To what degree do we remove the human element from our lives?  How much of ourselves must we sacrifice for the sake of innovation and technology? The next time you find yourself alone in a populated location with nothing to do don’t be Technology IXso quick to pull out your laptop or reach for that mobile companion with its mind-numbing apps. Take out a book or even a magazine and read it or better yet take the time to get to know someone around you. You may be pleasantly surprised and your social skills can only benefit from the experience.

Rant Over!



Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II