Asian II

At moonlight’s arrival you whisper and dance gracefully upon my every thought

Alternatively divine, darkly inviting and imbued with unending sensual ferocity, the spell that is cast cannot be broken

There on the fringe of the spider’s web waiting silently, patiently to devour saintly spirit, I struggle to no avail as it only enhances your appetite and makes you want me more

In the deepest chasm of my being, I realise that I cannot resist as I have never known such force or obsession delicately devouring me

No words are expressed, no intellect implored only unyielding raw emotional desire for what is coveted by the eyes and craved by both body and soul

No light can escape this abyss of your all consuming hunger and I know that it is there that I will reside with you forever be thee flesh or spectre

So I just let go and let you feed

Mystic IIAdiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II



This Exasperating RACE – a poem

Human Race II

A new dawn, a new day

but yesterday lingers with thoughts of tomorrow

…and I must say I don’t speak Spanish but I feel good about myself anyway


Oh, there they go again just six feet above me

trying to dazzle on their self-perceived exclusive high-wire while lecturing how inadequate the masses are!

They should really buy a vowel ’cause they haven’t got a clue


The sun seems  so Blue up there all alone

That’s quite strange since Monday is gone

No worries, I’ll just wait for the moon because my reflection says I’m looking pretty pale in the light

I guess I might as well leave now and prepare for my Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

…You know, I don’t speak French but I feel good about myself anyway


Who goes there, just beneath the shadow of that glass throwing stones?

I really can’t recognise them but their familiarity is Breeding contempt

She really should have kept the Trojans close because that thing He gave birth to would have been aborted by anyone else

No worries though, I’m draped in my own Fast Fashion with my own Personal Jesus so I’m not concerned

I guess I must be moving on now because I can’t remember to keep my eyes closed before my tongue deceives me

Walking barefoot in this Valley with my Shadow behind me seems so crowded I could die

I wish I had more time alone with myself to lay on these 23 Palms in this Desert of Despair and relax but these infernal beasts just won’t release or give me peace, or surcease from sorrow

So with this Communal Cup half empty, I’ll just have to keep pace of this Race that I just can’t seem to fathom or trust

Perhaps I’ll just go to Sleep, Deep and search for the answers that I seek from protective Parents who are always with me

No matter the case, I have to unequivocally say

…I speak no damn English but I Love myself anyway

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Human Race I

…And So It Begins

And So I

It starts with a dream, time drifts in serene swirls of warm, soothing pastel colours

She appears, occupying every moment igniting senses only reserved for fantasy and fairy tales

Our eyes locked in an unbreakable embrace as all of time and space pauses endlessly

and now she’s in me, each cell infected  boiling perilously out of control

There is the realization that mind, body and soul is no longer my own

Fear gives way to euphoria and I submit to this mysterious and unseen predator

In an instant I am shackled, a prisoner captured in a moment by just one gaze

The irony, free will and sovereignty is surrendered without contest

There she stands – lithe and statuesque as a marble statue of a Greek goddess

Her smile beckons me to my demise as does the Siren’s song to the mariner

Her lips deep crimson poised to fill me with the ichor of her unfathomable force as she in-turn, devours the essence of my being

Her long silk ebony hair is as black as the night encasing all around her in an inescapable mesh secreted by spinnerets

Her eyes are as blue diamonds of ice mesmerizing my senses and intellect

Rational thought and logic are but a memory, a historical footnote without significance

So, fate would have me no longer my own

I beseech thee then spectre, you who have ensnared me beyond resistance

Be gentle, Be kind, Be Honest and Be true

…And so it begins

I willingly submit all that I am to you

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

featured image by Pinterest “Children of the Night”