To Do What I Was Created To (a Poem)

My Destiny IV

Enterprise was an inheritance designated by my Father at conception, vigilantly monitored and protected by Allatori.  There was no doubt that there would be no assimilation with the surrounding world.  Apprehension, Confusion, Curiosity, Reclusion were but a few of my companions.

Never so mysterious was the meaning of the dawn of each new sunrise and the ascension of darkness culminating in nightfall.

Kind words mask the mischievous, the unrighteous, the evil. Both sight and spirit has been enhanced. It serves as a blessing and curse.

Indigo is meaningless as colour fades to only Black and White.  Choices are all that remain and only for a little while.  I must play my part regardless of the emotions that overwhelm but it is my Father’s Will.  So it is accepted with peace and without hesitation.  Fate has already made it’s claim.  There, on the other side just beyond the curtain awaits Destiny to prepare me for the next Act in an unending play in which my part must be played alone.

My Destiny III


……..For now it is the comfort, the strength, the power and the wisdom of my Father, of my Family that I now require as the curtain slowly closes on a scene filled with countless second rate actors that are clueless to what is to follow.

It can be difficult looking ahead in the Script.

Non opus est tibi Pater. Domne benedicere.

Mystic IIAdiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Just A Thought

A Beautiful, Peaceful and Happy Future……It’s what we all dream of for ourselves and theWise II world around us at one time or another. But the question of how we get to that blessed place generally eludes us.


The formula is not that difficult really………..

To manifest that perfect FUTURE in which we all desire

We must learn how to give careful consideration to the PAST after thoughtfully putting it away

While simultaneously avoiding fucking up the PRESENT.


That may sound simplistic but somehow we still can’t seem to get it right.

Just look at the world we reside in today.  There’s is not a place or space on any part of it that doesn’t seem to be coming undone. On every continent there is agony, anguish and strife as the elite of nations selfishly fight for absolute control over absolutely everything disregarding the conflicts and wars that has brought the world to the brink of destruction time and time again.

Individually, we spend our lives in the past habitually and more often than not, painfully anchored there while essential life lessons go by without comprehension. Often we torment those currently in our lives for our past suffering when they may have been strategically placed there as a blessing to atone for sins against us or as an opportunity for growth and maturation. But frequently we ignore the godsend, sabotaging our sacred gifts. This often results in others manifesting the same grief and torment encapsulated within us thereby generating and endless cycle.

To escape this never-ending abyss we must become theoretical scholars of our own past while disconnecting from the emotion of it.  As we grow and evolve from it in a positive manner, we master the necessary skills and abilities to successfully navigate the present; circumvent similar contemporary pitfalls while methodically mastering ourselves in the process.  When we choose this academic, holistic approach to examining the past and ourselves, how can the future be anything other than bright for us individually as well as collectively?

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

“Sing it Babs!”

Featured image by Lykke Steenbach Josephsen; Painting, “Wisdom”

Inset art by Wisdom And Folly James Dean Art by James-Dean-artist on DeviantArt



Point to Ponder XI

Ponder III

We often find ourselves in places and positions in life that we never expected to be in.  These include difficult situations with difficult people; in bad relationships; in physical or emotional pain and depressed or in fear.

Point to Ponder XI.2

Stress in America 2014 & beyond 

Truth is, we are in those places and situations because we are supposed to be. It is by design for our personal edification or that of others. Whether we are partly or totally responsible or because of situations completely beyond our control.  Often times it is for purposes that will in some way, shape or form be mutually beneficial to us and others at some later period.  We are just unable to see the grand picture in the midst of the storm.

We just need to quiet ourselves – our minds, our emotions and extend our vision beyond the immediate storm or turmoil.  It is extremely difficult but necessary if we are to mature and evolve into beings that are fully self-actualized: the realization or fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.  As we become self-actualized as individuals, we then can become a race of self-actualized beings that live, love and evolve together who are ready and able to take our  rightful place collectively within the beauty that is universal creation itself.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Consider a Life Lobotomy


When the meaning of a life is obscured by a storm of perpetual anger, hate, and jealousy

When emotional confusion and turmoil about everything we hear and perceive is the norm

a Life Lobotomy is the recommended surgery to get through an existence without meaning


When the light of true love hides in dark shadows to avoid hurt and pain and

being lost in a circular maze of fear prevents you from searching for her

a Life Lobotomy may be your only hope to get you through this life


When listening to the lies of a sales representative of someone standing right in front of you is no longer bearable

When the meaning of everything you ever knew and understood becomes fluid based on the powers that be in the moment

a Life Lobotomy will get you through.


Take some time away from the strife of life and find yourself. Find your true creator in Seven and experience a serenity never known before. There is no need to bury yourself in meaningless affairs; spirits of wheat and barley or special pills to heal your ills

That shiny gadget or new coat and pair of shoes won’t be necessary either

nor will the mobile that has been attached to your hand with its anticipation of endless texts and emails of a fantasy you pray will become real be necessary


Yes, a Life Lobotomy may be just the thing you need when your eyes finally open to truth and understand that all those things you have been foolishly chasing are just the manipulations of a magician to keep your inner voice pre-occupied


Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom are waiting for us all but we must have the courage to accept it and the strength to resist the distractions.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II




Lessons Born of Children

Happy III

Calvin and Hobbes gazing at night sky


Have you ever known….

the sereneness in being carefree

of dancing like no one is watching whenever and wherever you like

of running as fast and as far as you can with no particular place to go

of singing as loud as you like not concerned about hitting the proper tones or notes

or screaming at the top of your lungs just because you felt like it


Have you ever just relaxed and enjoyed….Happy IV

staring up at a clouded sky trying to find as many shapes as you can

gazing  deep into the heavens at the diamonds sparkling on the mysterious edge of the night

resting pleasantly in the company of another where silence was comfortable rather than an unwelcomed guest


Have you ever kept yourself busy with work, not out of necessity, but because it was something that made you happy

Have you ever quarrelled with someone so vehemently and completely but found yourselves apologising minutes later as though it never happened

Have you ever felt that Forgiveness was second nature and not a laborious errand to be completed

Have you ever been blessed to be  in the company of someone that you did not have to decipher as though they were some exhaustive enigma confounding you at every turn

Did you ever want something or someone just because you truly desired it or them and not because of how you thought others would perceive you

Can you truly see the beauty of just being the person you were born to be and not who or what others believe you should be

We tend to lose ourselves as we mature until we have forgotten the lessons we should have experienced in childhood – to be carefree, happy, forgiving, unpretentious,  thoughtful though at times a little selfish, inquisitive and to love and be loved without boundaries


A word to the wise, these are life lessons to be experienced and passed on in adulthood before our journey ends


Ponder III

Calvin and Hobbes


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Just A Thought

Thought III

From Matt Groening’s “The Simpsons”


Everyone desires truth but when confronted with it, very few have the ability to recognise it and even less the maturity to accept it


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

The Making of Slaves

slavery II

Slavery, is an institution that has been around for centuries in various forms. Modern slavery, however, is more widespread than anyone could ever imagine.  I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on this institution in its contemporary form.  Here are some thoughts on what it takes to create a world of modern slaves:

  • Start by developing a sense of superiority. Identify qualities and characteristics within yourself that you deem superior to the masses around you.
  • Identify the weaknesses in your perceived inferior class and exploit them. Utilise the observed differences among them to foster hatred and discontent – Race, Colour, Creed, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation, etc.  In some ways this can be achieved by fostering an unwavering sense of pride in groups or societies that set groups apart from one another.
  • Undermine any sense of collective cohesion by destroying any evidence of shared experiences or a unique history. Then proceed to re-write history to benefit your desired aims.
  • Reduce the middleclass until only two classes remain – you and the poor
  • Reduce the quality of education. It is uniquely beneficial to dumb-down the masses as intelligence results in thinking, thinking results in the questioning of the established order which in-turn results in actions to alter that established order.
  • Encourage the reduction in family and social structures through government, social agencies and advocates
  • Saturate the minds of the masses with mindless information from news, social media and various entertainment sourcesslavery V
  • Hold year-round gladiator events to consume their passions and bloodlustslavery IV
  • Poison their physical bodies with artificial and toxic food sources and technological devices
  • Instill within them a competitive desire to pursue wealth, extravagance and worthless material possessions. Competition for scarce resources should also be fostered between observable differences within the masses such as – colour, race, religion, gender, nationality, etc.
  • Endeavour to track each individual and limit freedom of movement
  • Maintain an arm of fear and intimidation in order to manipulate social structures, policies and liberties. Note: a population in fear is easily manipulated and highly malleable
  • Install leadership to serve as a “middleman” between you and the slave population promising them a morsel or two to ensure their allegiance and compliance
  • Finally, maintain powerful policing forces to keep the order in case of revolt or a sudden conscious awareness that could jeopardize the stratagem


Note: The aforementioned blueprint can be tweaked here and there but should overall slavery Iproduce the desired results.



Life within the Matrix though at times comforting, pacifies and fosters ignorance.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Swan Song

swan III

Swan song can be defined as one’s final performance before retirement. In my recent reflective state, I have spent time ruminating over the breadth of my life’s experiences. It occurred to me that if my swan song approached, would I be content with what I have done with my time here.  I am sure that at some point or another this question has been pondered by nearly everyone.  What would your answer be?

I realise that no one enjoys thinking about endings of this sort but as with the seasons, winter eventually comes.  It can be short and mild or long and harsh but make no mistake it will come!  What then will you say of the magnum opus that you have completed? Was it more self-serving or directed at benefiting others?  Was it crude and mean-spirited or gentle and kind? Was it purely a work of fiction or did you present the genuine truth?

None of us can state honestly that what we have created in our lives is perfection but I believe we do know deep within ourselves whether or not we can be pleased, if not content with our work.  I would like to think that though I cannot ascribe the term “perfect” to my life, I certainly have given more than I have taken; shown kindness, compassion and patience even when it has not been reciprocated and have endeavoured to live and love as honestly as I could.  In that sense, I have little regrets. I guess when it all comes right down to it, honesty is the key word for consideration.  Being honest with oneself as well as with others is one of the more challenging concepts for most to grasp. As this world seems to be on the verge of coming unhinged, is it not important now more than ever to be honest with ourselves and consider where we are as individuals; what we have done with our lives and where we are going?

We would all like to think that we are invincible and that life will go on as it always has without fail no matter how many times chicken little screams that the sky is falling. But the truth of the matter is that our swan song is forthcoming.  The earth and our lives on it has been undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts for some time now.  It seems that even the immediate heavens above us are changing with the possible approach of a new star withinswan IV our system.  Nothing in life ever remains the same.  This post was not meant to be a morbid contemplation on death and endings or a cold reflection on mortality but rather a call to wake up and examine our lives and how we have spent it.  I have always felt that endings were difficult but have found that within every ending there is a new beginning.  The swan song itself is not as important as the lyrics we have composed to complete it.  For that aspect, more than any other determines what new beginning we are to embrace.


Wisdom II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II



Now Entering the Winter of Our Discontent

winter discontent I

As you may have heard, it is being reported that a passport will now be required for some domestic traveling WITHIN THE UNITED STATES this year.  According to a Forbes article some states could begin requiring travellers to carry passports for domestic travel early in 2016. The four states mentioned initially are Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire and New York. Given the fact that some agencies are allowed to revoke passports now for being delinquent for paying taxes and child support, things are shaping up nicely for the US to become a totalitarian police state. So much for the Great American Experiment in Democracy. Be warned, “The winter of our discontent” is now upon us!

It seems strange how this came to be implemented so slowly, cunningly and methodically.  I believe this has been a long time in the making every since the United States emerged as a unique governmental state based on a novel concept – Freedom, Liberty, and self-rule. It seems a nation of the people, by the people and for the people is destined to perish from this earth.  Kudos for those with the patience and craftiness to undertake this monumental task and subsequently, condemnation to all of us who sat by quietly self-absorbed within the superficial aspects of our lives – money, material gain, fame and power.

Of course this is only the beginning of the restrictions that will be placed on all in this country and beyond.  Every threat to our safety and security has been used as a springboard to further restrict individual freedoms and liberties.  From simple misdemeanors to international terrorism and winter discontent IIpandemics, every issue that has plagued any society has been meticulously used to reduce the human condition to a slave mentality.  And for the most part we just go on accepting it as long as there are gladiator games (sports) and other entertainment to occupy our attention; beer, wine and drugs to dull our senses; and shiny new play toys for us to auction our souls for.  If you have never believed in an almighty god or other superior and enlightened beings out there to save us from ourselves then perhaps you should diligently begin to.

What we are being subjected to is no illusion, fantasy or paranoia. It is awinter discontent V concrete reality.  To a degree, it should be a fait accompli that is much deserved. I mean what else can you say of a race that willingly exchanges their freedom and their souls for the illusion of safety and material possessions.  What each and every individual should now be asking themselves is how will you greet the day when your liberties are totally removed and you are officially labelled as slaves to the state.

winter discontent III

art on Pinterest/Saatchi

How will you celebrate that brutal epiphany that everything of true value you had was forfeited due to your own personal ignorance, arrogance, greed, jealousy and lack of compassion and wisdom.  Will you greet it with cheers and thunderous applause or will you weep once the final revelation has been manifested to you? Perhaps you will just sit back and immerse yourself in legal and illegal narcotics while imbibing copious amounts of alcohol to dull the pain of your idiocy and lack of enlightenment.  Instead of waiting to plan how you spend this historic moment, begin arranging for it now to avoid being caught unawares. Unlike a new years eve observance, you want to ensure that this winter celebration has been properly organised.

For a safe and secure society, liberties must be taken!


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II



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A passport is required for some domestic travel in 2016

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Life and the Business of High Performance Cultures

There are no shortage of theories and examples of what High Performing Cultures are or strategies in how to achieve them.  My take on it doesn’t simply focus on the business aspect of this.  I believe that the strategies involved can also be applicable to daily life as well.  The foundations of any high performance culture be it business, government or social institutions are People, Communication and Trust.

In terms of organisations, good strong dedicated managers that possess intelligence, compassion, knowledge of their respective craft, understanding and wisdom that is used in support of the organisational goals is the essential starting point for a high performance culture.  Of all the aforementioned qualities, wisdom is the most coveted. It provides the manager with insight into the organisation in which they serve; those that comprise it as well as an honest and deep understanding of him or herself within the confines of the institution.  The Greek maxim “know thyself” should be the mantra of all managers within an organisation. For without this personal understanding – this grounding force, the manager loses his or her way and subsequently the organisations’ along with it.

I have been a part of some very good organisations as well as some very bad ones.  A key element in the successful ones have been the awareness by managers of their own strengths and needs or opportunities.  A manager’s altruistic ability to clearly understand their role in furthering the organisation’s goals are, in my opinion, an important aspect in driving its culture and subsequently its success. Nothing is more detrimental to a high performing culture of any kind than selfish leadership that is consumed with self-promotion and personal gain.  Managers of wisdom and integrity foster strong and trusting environments by setting clear expectations and by encouraging the professional (and personal) development and maturation of those serving within.

If the managers are the foundation for any great organisation, communication is surely its framework.  Communication has always been lauded in every organisation that I have been a part of however, “honest”, “respectful” and “open” communication has not always been so readily accepted. What was coached in theory and expected was not exactly what occurred in the real world.  Trust me when I say that the hypocrisy was not lost on each and every member within the organisation.  The reality that I understood was that communication was important as long as it was comprised of what one wanted to hear. In other words, you may communicate anything you like as long as it was not detrimental to the person you are communicating with or their career.

In order for any organisation or system to flourish there must be candid dialogue about the genuine issues and concerns whether they are professional or personal.  This dialogue should be devoid of judgement, fear and ones personal ego.  This communication should be conducted in good faith by all parties and with the appropriate levels of confidentiality  adhered to.  Only in this way can root causes be identified, explored and addressed in good faith. The act of good-faith communication then becomes the perfect segue into the final characteristic or cornerstone of high performing cultures – Trust.

Now if good people or managers are the foundations and communication the framework, then trust is without question what binds them both together cohesively. It serves as the nuts, bolts or rivets in the construction of a high performing culture so to speak.  Trust is such a key element that without it you may not be able to establish the foundations of anything whether we are referencing a business, personal relationship, community,  etc.  It must be an integral part when hiring a manager or for that matter, when considering a potential mate or an elected official to vote for. It must be omnipresent when communicating at all levels of an organisation or within any relationship.  Trust in ones own ability and judgement to successfully execute plans within the confines of his or her own sphere of influence is absolutely essential.

If we are to grow and move forward; increase productivity and profitability; cultivate all natural resources conscientiously and responsibly in the pursuit of high performance cultures; then it is absolutely imperative that we focus on the critical foundations of people, communication and trust.   These focal points are for business, as it is for any relationship, essential to success and prosperity and worthy of the highest investment.


Wisdom I