In the Blink of an Eye (A Poem)

Blink II

Go left, turn right – did you appreciate the path or were you too distressed by the decision?

Sunrise, sunset – did you see it or were you too occupied by the many unimportant distractions of the day?

A gentle breeze, a field of flowers in bloom – did you stand in silence to enjoy the moment or was there some task that could not be delayed to accomplish?

Life, Love – did you take the opportunity to view it in full clarity and appreciate the wonder of it all while you had it or was it another of those superfluous manifestations that just was?

In the blink of an eye it is here and in the next it is gone. Time is dictated by every instantaneous nanosecond. Have no regrets, no remorse.

Mystic I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Just A Thought

Ponder III


It is said that our thoughts shape reality around us.  It is easy to understand therefore why the history of mankind has been shaped by tragedy, conflict and war.

Too many selfish individuals only thinking about what is in their own best interests instead of what is in the best interest for the whole of humankind.

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

“A Good Day” by Greg Street ft. Nappy Roots

Point to Ponder XI

Ponder III

We often find ourselves in places and positions in life that we never expected to be in.  These include difficult situations with difficult people; in bad relationships; in physical or emotional pain and depressed or in fear.

Point to Ponder XI.2

Stress in America 2014 & beyond 

Truth is, we are in those places and situations because we are supposed to be. It is by design for our personal edification or that of others. Whether we are partly or totally responsible or because of situations completely beyond our control.  Often times it is for purposes that will in some way, shape or form be mutually beneficial to us and others at some later period.  We are just unable to see the grand picture in the midst of the storm.

We just need to quiet ourselves – our minds, our emotions and extend our vision beyond the immediate storm or turmoil.  It is extremely difficult but necessary if we are to mature and evolve into beings that are fully self-actualized: the realization or fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.  As we become self-actualized as individuals, we then can become a race of self-actualized beings that live, love and evolve together who are ready and able to take our  rightful place collectively within the beauty that is universal creation itself.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Inseparable Spirit (03.10)

A Poem

Melancholy and forgotten, laying and praying among thorns of sweet pain and reflection

the Princess’ day of birth approaches with angst and pleasure as his faithful companion

Giving unwanted remembrance of long forgotten roses and thistles

He – self evolved in a manner that could not be achieved with her by his side

She – now physically matured in a manor that could not have been foreseen by seventy and seven angels hopelessly cloaked all in white and red

He – wanting so much to feel as he had once felt yet without feeling that eternal love’s loss of innocence

She – consumed with passions of distraction yet devoid of passionate embrace of that once held so dear

Both forgotten in exchange for one another’s fears and separation

By God’s vengeance there will be reckoning for mischievous tinkering and machinations in their division of the two into the one

By God’s grace there will be the union of Heart and Soul once again, inseparable and forever merged and forged by destiny’s embrace

…..What can be expressed as two become one once again but, “Hello Love My Invincible Friend.  The grass is truly greener; the sky is inexplicably bluer; our minds undeniably wiser; our future together without question sensationally brighter and without end!”

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II






Trump 3:16


The world raged long before the narcissist saviour arrived

…in greed

…in jealousy

…in corruption

…and in hatred

The Conservative Selfish Child remained on his high-horse for far too long

…as a self- entitled, self-loathing hypocrite

…immersed in parochial dogma that had to be accepted by ALL

…waging war just to wage war just because it can be waged to acquire desires that must be met

The Forgotten Liberal Sibling subjugated for far too long must have the attention it craves and deserves

…lost in a myriad of reasons why the belief in their own superiority is manifest destiny

…deluded in conscience and perspective that “if what is or has been is not all inclusive, then by their own right it must be replaced with another vision. Their vision.”

…waging war just to wage war just because the ownership of “Justice”, “Honesty” and  “Integrity” surely is not shared but a monopoly that is exclusively “Mine” and not the “Others”

With these competing ideological philosophies, why then wouldn’t Trump 3:16 be what we all deserve?

…to all suffer universally Together

…to humbly acknowledge Together the karmic reciprocity of egocentric actions we have taken

…to cower in fear Together to “the Monster” we have manifested from our worst nightmare

…to be silenced by our Beast

Trump 3:16 is what we have ALL ignorantly created in our self-obsessed pursuit of our own desires

…and it is, without a doubt, what we ALL deserve

…so be not worried for the morrow and accept that which “IS” for today that has been fashioned by our own hands, in our own ignorance

…in greed

…in jealousy

…in corruption

…and in hatred


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Thanksgiving Day Thoughts 2016

Ponder III

Calvin & Hobbes


I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts with everyone this Thanksgiving Day 2016. I hope that you find them meaningful………………………………………………………………..

7 2 Contemplate

  • Whatever this thing we call life is or however we define it, it is a unique opportunity filled with moments that will only occur once as far as our ability to perceive them is concerned.  Whether we consider these moments to be good, bad or are indifferent to us, we should learn and grow from the experiences as well as treasure them.
  • As we pass through this journey, many souls will inevitably transition into and out of our lives.  Some will seek to contribute to this trek we find ourselves on while other malevolent beings will endeavour to detract from it.  When we understand the experiences from all of them and grow from the encounters, we acquire wisdom which is far more valuable than gold, silver, precious gems or anything else that can be obtained in creation.
  • Be wary not to make something or someone a priority when by contrast you are only considered to be, at best, a contingency plan. There should always be equilibrium between that which is sought and that which is obtained.
  • Our lives and the world we inhabit are defined by our perceptions. When we have mastered our perceptions, we will have unlocked the secret to that very elusive thing we call Happiness.
  • There is nothing in existence that can’t be acquired, lost or taken. Therefore true focus should be on the development of oneself in order to contribute to the enhancement and continuity of all that exist around this.  By doing this, we ensure peace, balance, prosperity, growth and maturation for all including ourselves.
  • Love and Hate, Peace and Conflict coexist in a perpetual state that serves to foster equilibrium throughout known creation.  As one waxes the other wanes. Learning to successfully navigate through them is an essential part of life growing and re-inventing itself.
  • We should understand that defining ourselves and who we want to be comes at a price. We should fully comprehend every choice we make and price to be paid for it. We must also learn to accept the consequences for our actions on the world around us as well as on ourselves.

Whoever you are; wherever you may be or whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, I truly wish you inner peace; a Happy Thanksgiving and the comfort, protection and blessings of the Creator!

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

*Featured image by Mindy Lighthipe

Cam – Burning House

Consider a Life Lobotomy


When the meaning of a life is obscured by a storm of perpetual anger, hate, and jealousy

When emotional confusion and turmoil about everything we hear and perceive is the norm

a Life Lobotomy is the recommended surgery to get through an existence without meaning


When the light of true love hides in dark shadows to avoid hurt and pain and

being lost in a circular maze of fear prevents you from searching for her

a Life Lobotomy may be your only hope to get you through this life


When listening to the lies of a sales representative of someone standing right in front of you is no longer bearable

When the meaning of everything you ever knew and understood becomes fluid based on the powers that be in the moment

a Life Lobotomy will get you through.


Take some time away from the strife of life and find yourself. Find your true creator in Seven and experience a serenity never known before. There is no need to bury yourself in meaningless affairs; spirits of wheat and barley or special pills to heal your ills

That shiny gadget or new coat and pair of shoes won’t be necessary either

nor will the mobile that has been attached to your hand with its anticipation of endless texts and emails of a fantasy you pray will become real be necessary


Yes, a Life Lobotomy may be just the thing you need when your eyes finally open to truth and understand that all those things you have been foolishly chasing are just the manipulations of a magician to keep your inner voice pre-occupied


Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom are waiting for us all but we must have the courage to accept it and the strength to resist the distractions.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II




Just A Thought

Illusion IV

Which are you?

1) Trapped within the construct of the Matrix unable to differentiate illusion from reality

Illusion II

From the Matrix

2) Buried with your head firmly in the sand afraid to see the truth beyond the illusion that has been obscured by smoke and mirrors

Illusion VI

3) Wide awake perceiving every detail of a world that is slowly and methodically disintegrating under our very noses while an elite few subjugates the masses as they slumber

Illusion I

From the Matrix

*Are you capable of fully comprehending the question and choices or are you immersed too deeply within the illusion itself to even care?

Illusion VIII

From the Matrix

At some point EVERYONE will have to wake up to reality and leave behind the comforting yet false illusions of the Matrix.  But will it be too late to make a difference for us and the world in which we live?

If you understand the question and choices now, take the “red” pill to emerge from your slumber and begin to educate yourself. See the world around you as it actually is.

If you prefer to remain within the illusion that has been created to subjugate you, take the “blue” pill and continue to foolishly acquire meaningless possessions and creature comforts all the while drifting helplessly into an abyss.

The choice is yours but whatever one you make you MUST accept the consequences of that choice!   Whichever option you choose know that the path will not be easy especially the road towards TRUTH!


Ponder III

Calvin & Hobbes


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Where We Have All Been (Poem)

Road II

(Thoughts derived from a recent road trip)

On a dark and lonely highway many things roll through my head

I’m in a life I barely recognise, one that’s nearly dead

I reflect upon those I thought I once knew

like friends, lovers even family that I walked this life with too

But it all seems like make believe of a play whose purpose I can’t perceive

Some memories burn in the darkness so unbelievably bright

while others fade like the flicker of a candle solemnly into the night

Some scream out for my attention like coals that blaze white hot

while others beg in anguish for death, to be buried and long forgot

On this road of twisted memories and the illusions created by  demons of present and past

There is a truth that I cannot deny and one that will forever last

and that is I alone decide the path I take and after must accept the hands of fate

So here I go now, back on this road again – continuing on the route of my own choice

musing about songs on the radio that I hear in my mind with a tattered voice

I then reflect upon the road ahead as the anxiety slowly mounts

knowing that the reality now that I create must be envisioned carefully as every moment counts


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Democracy is Dying and No One Seems to Notice

winter discontent IV

Scene from the film “Planed of the Apes”

How evident has it been of government intrusion and control into our everyday lives; the manipulation of our minds and emotions through the news & social media and the gradual decimation of our individual freedoms and liberties? If the recent WikiLeaks of the DNC, DCC, etc. as well as past whistle-blowers such as Snowden has taught us anything it’s that freedom, liberty and individualism is being reduced to an historical afterthought.  The masses have been manipulated into petty infighting over just about every issue one can think of; exploited for cheap, menial labour and hypnotised into surrendering their consciousness and intelligence through mass advertising by corporate slave owners.

Though we seemed to have emerged, slightly, from the nocturnal abyss of the Animal Farm mentality as evident by the current flux of the American political rebellion, we still can’t quite seem to grasp the fact that the “US” against “Them” scenario involves those 1% that wish to subjugate the 99% by virtually any means necessary.  With the evidence presented right before our very own eyes, it seems we are still willing to foolishly war with one another for scraps that fall from the plates and tables of our masters.  In this instance

Ponder III

Calvin & Hobbes

I am not sure that the human race, especially the 99% squabbling masses, deserve the blessing of this life that was meant for us to have. We currently find ourselves quickly approaching the heart of winter yet instead of wisely preparing for it, we ridiculously continue arguing amongst one another with regard to the lack of preparation. We fight about who’s responsible for failing to store enough food or mindlessly bicker over who is culpable for not gathering enough wood for fire for the approaching harsh season instead of focusing on what really matters – preserving liberty, freedom and Democracy for ALL citizens as defined by the Founding Fathers.


We fail to grasp the obvious and that is we must band together and end the divisiveness that we as a race of beings have been mired in for centuries if not since our creation. The endless cycle of war, corruption and hate brought on by hubristic pride, anger, apathy, greed, jealousy, gluttony, lust and envy will eventually end us all. Perhaps that may not be a bad thing. If we are unable to appreciate the blessings that we have inherited in this nation then perhaps that task should fall to those that will. The world itself is suffering and we are not living up to our potential as a shining example of what a true Democracy really means.  Of how a nation, government and people of truth, honesty, understanding, wisdom, compassion and integrity can really positively impact an entire world.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II