Are You Capable of Being True To Yourself?

True II

“This Above All, To Thine Own Self Be True” – states Polonius in Hamlet.  It is sound advice to be sure but unfortunately, goes unheeded by many.  Far too many for far too long throughout the ages have succumb to the will of others not understanding who they really are opting instead to be who or what others desire them to be.   In this instance, there is “no truth” but only a shallow image projected before us that gives no rest serving only to diminish the reality formed around us into an increasing, self-delusional reverie.  How then, has this become the standard by which one finds an easier world in which to reside?

I believe the need for acceptance outweighs truth for most.  The desire to be loved and to a certain degree deified has by-passed all logical and rational reasoning.  Why else would being the wealthiest; having the most expensive car and residence; wearing the most stylish clothes; being in the company of the best looking companion; having the most social media followers or doing things for others that is contradictory to ones true nature or desire mean so much?  Human Beings are by nature social creatures and just being part of something is not enough for most.  One must “stand out and be noticed”.  To be “ordinary” is unacceptable by our groomed nature if not by design.  Let’s face it, we are programmed daily to be more than ordinary and usually for a tidy price.  There is always someone profiting from our desire to be noticed or glorified and the only reason they are so successful is because we surrender who we are to them.  We surrender our truth.

There is an enormous amount of growth and maturation awaiting the Human Race and it all begins with being true to ourselves.  So I say to everyone, “This above all, To thine own self be true!”.

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundiThoth





If how you view life and life events determines your reality then this reality is in need of a serious makeover.  Here we have been made into clowns in a never-ending circus where the shows go on and on and the makeup and masks never come off.  Pathetically, we the spectators willingly and happily continue to pay for the peanuts and the popcorn as well as for every ticket to each add-on show provided without desiring to see back stage.  Should we become tired of the pomp and glitter and desire to rest or worse, to leave, we are punished beyond measure.  The drone circus police ensure that no one escapes for the Ringmasters demand our attention and by their self-proclaimed status as our gods, they will have it.  But there is more, much more than the lights, the glitter, the colourful balloons and the underpaid performers that mesmerize our senses.  We must want to see it and understand the power that lies within each of us to turn it all off.

We initially exist without fear but the Lion-tamer makes sure we know what it means.  The Bearded-lady and Monkey boy reminds us to look at ourselves and know that while it is humorous to look at the freaks, we definitely don’t want to be one of them.  We dare not step outside of the created normal because there lies nothing for us but to be freaks in the show.  It is the clowns job to make us laugh at what we see and not take anything seriously.  subliminally, we know we don’t want to be in their ranks either for to be laughed at means we will never be taken seriously by those we don’t respect or can barely stand.  The animals, chained and trained, leaves us in awe at the owners ability to tame the wild.  In this too we understand that we must also play the parts that we were trained for.  Should we decide otherwise, like the dancing bear that no longer wants to perform, we will disappear without a trace.  There will only be few to question and mourn our disappearance but that too will fade from memory.

There in the centre circle, the Ringmaster stands as MC, hypnotically ensuring that we hang on his every word.  He has learned his job well as master manipulator setting up every act so that the spectator is dazzled and sees only what is meant to be seen.  For only then, can the hired Thief make his way through the blinded crowd picking every purse and pocket that is after we have paid for all that is possible.  Just outside the confines of the circus, the would be owners stand in the darkness at the midnight hour, lining their pockets elevating themselves further and further from the masses or so they believe.  The howling wind preceding the approaching storm is not enough to deter their site from the wealth that is to be made.  The destruction that lies in its path will be all-consuming.  Very little if anything will survive.  The few inside the circus tent that sees through it all also understands the greatest joke outside of the performing Jesters, that to see truth is to be confined and tortured by it.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundiThoth II


Just A Thought

Mystic II

Anything that one can say has been said

Anything that one can hear has been heard

All that one can think has been thought of and all that one can feel has been felt

All knowledge is known and awaits rediscovery

Therefore, the greatest treasure that can be obtained is the wisdom that lies dormant in each of creation’s inhabitants

and the will…and the choice…and the courage to reveal it and our place within the Great Design

Ponder IIICalvin & Hobbes

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi Thoth II

Just A Thought (You Should Think Too!)

Mystic II

How are you feeling now? Consumed within the confines of your self-erected kingdom,  you continue to stack stones in order to secure the “nothingness” that lies within not comprehending that the blast from a trumpet will always reduce the fortified walls to rubble. Can you not see that what you have created and accumulated is worthless?  A world of dust erected by Beings of dust that will eventually return to dust.

From whom did you acquire this paradigm and from what power do you derive authority? The authority to take what you will? The authority to wage war, to conquer, to defile land and souls, to subjugate and to enslave? By what hand were you taught to fashion bows and arrows? By what hand were you taught to destroy?

Who determined that something as asinine as Hue and Religion or as inconsequential as Gender would be the defining factor in what your status is to be as well as the ability to direct, manipulate and control the world around you?  Who gave you the right to determine “who is Being” and who is “less of Being?”  To Be or Not To Be seems to be a question that is answered within the engineered mind that shakes the spear in self-deluded importance.  There is neither meaning nor reason in this.

For the Spark that birthed All did so in equality of what is, what will pass and what is to come igniting forever a dispassionate, unbiased and self-sustaining reality.  Giving it’s child the perception of Life and Death balancing out an equation that contemporary intelligence can not now decipher or define.

Ponder III

Calvin & Hobbes

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Art by Gil Bruvel


Auxilium Meum a Parentibus Meis

My help comes from my Parents

Pentacle 2 Venus

I can’t comprehend my place.  My senses have been obscured by forces I cannot perceive.  There is only a faint notion of something passed, something mysterious, something powerful, something controlling that began me, that began all that I know.  It seems that there are a select few who have pierced the veil.  They don’t seek to share the knowledge of what they know or what they believe they know.  Their desire is only to become the new masters, replacing those that have past on from our collective consciousness.

They form clandestine groups to protect the esoteric awareness uncovered but unfortunately, as far as I can see no wisdom has been gleaned.  They compile riches selfishly and war with one another to stand alone as monarchs of but a pond on a vast estate on a massive landmass of an incalculable sphere comprising an infinite existence.  What they perceive in their ignorance however, is but a grain of sand of a neverending desert.  In their self-obsessed arrogance, they manipulate and eliminate anything that stands in opposition to their absolute sovereignty.

For the layperson, for myself, we must dedicate ourselves to exposing that which has been hidden from us.  All of the meaningless minutia that has been forced upon us blurring the line between truth and imagination or invention that has been laid before us is a distraction that must be ignored.  Where we live, the clothes we dawn, the property and vehicles we own, the partner we take as a status symbol are all designed to be a diversion influencing misguided desires, our fears and aspirations – keeping us from seeing unfettered verity.

We are, I am, Being existing for reasons I am unable to fathom in a form of another’s design mired in a perfume scented cesspool while my self-entitled, self-centered, self-serving siblings scheme to conquer and control what is not theirs to control.  Where have our parents gone and why have they abandoned us to begin with?  And what of their parents, our grandparents?  Is this what it means to be family, to leave behind children fighting for trinkets which have been left behind?  Though we be siblings by birth some of us choose to understand our heritage, to be loyal to a higher state of being.  For that we require our progenitors to provide the continuity between what was,  the expectations that were laid before us and what now “is”.

Though children can disappoint and fail us they are still needy frequently losing their way. Some do come round, evolving and maturing beyond their foibles searching for substance, for more than the artificial and superficial.  To accomplish this they MUST have intervention and the guidance of parents.  So with complete meekness, we beseech you, I beseech you – da mihi potestatem et adiuva me verterem figuram mundi

Pentacle 4 MoonMystic IImercury4

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Pentacle 2 Saturn



Point to Ponder VIII

Learning V

I once new someone who informed me that they did not need to learn, grow and mature any longer. They were of sufficient age and experience that growth, learning and maturation was neither necessary nor desired.Learning III

I can’t express how much I disagreed with those sentiments. I truly believe that we are always learning and growing whether it is perceivable to us or not.  The key is in understanding and assimilating what we have learned and then utilising the resulting growth and maturation to benefit ourselves and others.

For when we cease to learn and to grow, we fail not only ourselves but the world around us.

Ponder III

Calvin and Hobbes


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


When we fail to embrace growth – we lose!

Just A Thought

Choices I

We make all kinds of choices from one minute to the next, hour by hour and day by day.  Some of those choices are easy while others are heart-wrenchingly difficult – should I end this relationship; accept this job; relocate to this new city; etc.

What most of us seem to struggle with is the acceptance of the consequences of those decisions made and the impact that they may have, not only on others but on ourselves.

What must be understood is that maturity and wisdom can be derived from the results (good or bad) of every choice that is made.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Enduring Life Lessons From Star Trek

Everything I Needed To Know


Just thought I would share philosophies of one of my favourite series as expressed by this poster.  Star Trek has been instrumental in projecting visions of the future especially TOS – The Original Series.  Its enduring legacy and impact on both individuals and the world around us is immeasurable. Below please find my analysis and comments on some of the series core philosophies the value of which, I believe extends well beyond the confines of individual, social, national and international ideas and beliefs.

  1. Seek out new life and new civilizations:  One of my favourite philosophies. One should always be willing to visit and learn from other peoples and cultures. It enables one to gain valuable knowledge and wisdom from others and also allows you to place yourself and your particular way of life into proper perspective.
  2. Non-interference is the Prime Directive: One should be hesitant to rush in and meddle in the affairs of others especially without taking the time to fully comprehend the situation and what repercussions any interference may have.
  3. Keep your phaser set on stun: When coming in contact with the unknown we generally allow our fears to overtake us. This often results in the use of unnecessary and deadly force in order to protect ourselves against a perceive threat. Exercising proper caution should allow us to properly explore the world around us – other relationships, peoples, cultures and nature from a position of health, curiousity and strength rather than fear.
  4. Humans are highly illogical: Self explanatory as human beings don’t always see their lives in proper perspective with respect to the “Big Picture”. We tend to rationalise things according to our own perspectives generally discounting that of others.
  5. There is no such thing as a Vulcan Death grip: Generally we tend to take every unfamiliar, strange and negative thing we hear about and exaggerate its effects or presence blowing it all out of proportion giving it mythical status.
  6. Live long and prosper: Here is another philosophy that is self-explanatory. We should endeavour to maintain our physical, mental and emotional health, wealth and prosperity and promote that within others.  Understanding that this is everyone’s goal should help us to keep everything in proper perspective and not attempt to acquire the aforementioned at the expense of others.
  7. Having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting; it is not logical but often true: Our desire for someone or something often exceeds our capacity for satisfaction. It is often the journey to achieving or procuring that brings the most joy, euphoria and satisfaction even if we are unable to recognise or understand it in the moment.
  8. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC): Essentially variety is the driving mechanism behind creation and the perpetuation of life itself. This IDIC applies to the fundamental forces of nature, people, relationships,  societies, governments, philosophies, etc.  Until we truly understand and appreciate the variety and diversity of life and what it means in terms of development and evolution, we will continue to destroy ourselves and along with it any hope for a utopic future.
  9. Tribbles hate Klingons (and Klingons hate Tribbles): Of course this is a metaphor stating that in life there will always be conflict and adversaries. The challenge is to resolve differences in a constructive manner and to grow wiser from the disputes or trials that we face whether they be a) Man against Man, b) Man against Machine, c) Man against Nature; or d) Man against Himself.
  10. Enemies are often invisible, like Klingons they can be cloaked: Often the most dangerous of enemies and challenges we face are those that go unseen right under our own noses.  They can be family, those perceived as friends, our own people, culture, country, or even ourselves. The lesson here is to go through life with eyes and ears open; seek understanding and to expect the unexpected.
  11. Don’t put all your ranking officers in one shuttlecraft: A variation of “don’t place all of your eggs in one basket” meaning of course to always keep options open when possible.
  12. When logic fails, trust a hunch: Sometimes when the concrete things in our lives don’t seem to add up, we have to rely on and trust in our intuition.  This is an aspect bestowed upon Human Beings that we should come to understand, utilise and trust in. It is often our hunches or intuition that gives us the answers that we are searching for in spite of all logical information pointing to the contrary.
  13. Insufficient data does not compute: When seeking understanding, knowledge and wisdom it is necessary to gather as much information as possible. There is no getting around this. We must be thorough and dedicated in our research or investigation of someone or something prior to making life altering decisions. This includes the examination of ourselves,  our internal thoughts and feelings.
  14. If it can’t be fixed, just ask Scotty: Always searching for alternative answers and trying to “re-invent the wheel” so to speak is not necessarily the best option when there are practical methods available for solving problems whether simple or complex. We must employ wisdom in knowing when to use tried and true methods and when it is necessary to explore alternatives.
  15. Even in our own world, we are sometimes aliens: The wisdom expressed here is simply appreciating yourself and others for what they are and not what we would expect or like them to be. We are all different and some more than others. We shouldn’t always have to (or want to) sacrifice our uniqueness in order to fit in. It is our uniqueness that makes us special!
  16. When going out into the Universe, remember – Boldly go where no man (no one) has gone before: We should never fear exploring the unknown in nature, each other or ourselves. As long as we are “grounded” within ourselves and who we are, exploring the unknown will greatly enhance our knowledge and appreciation for that which is vastly different from ourselves.

I really love Star Trek particularly the original series. It has had a unique influence on my life growing up as a child especially with respect to my view of myself and the world around me.  Gene Roddenberry was definitely someone ahead of his time. Outside of our offspring, rarely do we create something that impacts life in such a profound way.

I sincerely hope that the aforementioned philosophies will be of some benefit to all who read it and assist you in making our world (and beyond) better for us and future generations.


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Point to Ponder V

Pondering II

Conflict is inevitable and often essential for the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom. The manner in which it is resolved determines whether there is growth and maturation or ignorance and regression.

Ponder III

Calvin and Hobbes


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II