Point To Ponder XIII…Why So Serious?

Wisdom II

One man’s Right is another man’s Wrong

One woman’s Failure is another’s Triumph

One dog’s Water Bowl is another dog’s Toilet

The truth is that perception of Right and Wrong and Good and Bad are influenced by man-made constructs which are often employed as a system of control meant to direct our actions and obscure our vision of ourselves and reality

The choices we make, the environment that moulds us, the deity we choose to serve (or not to serve) are all defined by perception which in-turn gives birth to personal concepts of how we view and interpret what is essentially positive and what is inherently negative

Now, what does this all mean?

“Just live!” Make the choices you desire to make but take full responsibility… for ALL of them!

For when the sun finally sets into its cradle of twilight and drifts deeply into peaceful slumber leaving you alone in the dark with your own thoughts and conscience, it is YOU who must bare complete responsibility… for how you have chosen to view the world around you; for the choices you have made and for the manner in which you have lived your life.  In that instant, despair may be your comforter and regret your pillow or you could embrace what is upon you and accept without fear the visitor that patiently waits beyond the shadows who comes to enlighten and illuminate what once was a cloak of misperception and confusion.

How will you choose to see then?


Ponder III

Calvin & Hobbes

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


Just A Thought (on Regret & Reflection)

Regret & Reflection II

Regret derives from failing to do what you wanted to do; not acting in a manner you desired or failing to say what you meant to say when an opportunity presented itself

Regardless of whether the action was right or wrong, regret is the reflection of that which we have perceived as a missed moment in time that has now culminated in an emotional sense of loss

In my opinion, it is a total waste of emotion as the reality of “what is” must be the focus.  Reflection for the purposes of growing and learning is a more valuable use of one’s time and energy.

Therefore, waste few precious minutes in “what was” and seek to grow yourself in the here and now – “what is”.

Ponder III

Calvin & Hobbes

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Point to Ponder VIII

Learning V

I once new someone who informed me that they did not need to learn, grow and mature any longer. They were of sufficient age and experience that growth, learning and maturation was neither necessary nor desired.Learning III

I can’t express how much I disagreed with those sentiments. I truly believe that we are always learning and growing whether it is perceivable to us or not.  The key is in understanding and assimilating what we have learned and then utilising the resulting growth and maturation to benefit ourselves and others.

For when we cease to learn and to grow, we fail not only ourselves but the world around us.

Ponder III

Calvin and Hobbes


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


When we fail to embrace growth – we lose!

Thoughts on Politics

politics IVpolitics III

With the state of the American political climate, it’s hard to have anything but politics on ones mind.  Today Mitt Romney delivered a scathing speech blasting his parties front runner – Donald Trump.  Now I am not a supporter of any one particular candidate for president or party at this stage of the game but it was unprecedented to have an elder of a party (any party) come out and essentially try to circumvent the democratic process by bad-mouthing the front runner in the hopes of sabotaging the will of the people.

America is still, for now, a democratic nation where the will of the majority should reign through a fair and just process. To interfere with that process is to invite chaos.  It is one of the ideals the nation’s forefathers fought for in a bloody revolution with Great Britain. If it is the will of the majority of Americans or in this case the Republican Party, to have Trump as their candidate, then that is exactly what should happen no matter what establishment leaders may think.  The same holds true for the Democrats or any other party for that matter.

Politics is, unfortunately, a bloody struggle between combatants striving for their coveted prize – political office and it usually comes at the expense of ordinary people as they often make promises that they are unable to keep while pandering for their votes.  Regardless, it is up to each candidate to make their case to the people in pursuit of that prize or office. It is also quite unfortunate that the struggle can get exceptionally nasty at times but the will of the people must not be subverted from those outside of the immediate process especially from someone with Mitt Romney’s status as his party’s elder.  It is my sincerest hope that the rhetoric turns from the personal attacks by the candidates and bias, entertainment reporting by the media to the significant issues and challenges that are facing this nation.  Issues such as the economy and the every shrinking middleclass; healthcare for all citizens; threats to the nation’s security whether internal or external; the disturbing immigration issue both in the United States and abroad; reducing the astronomical national debt; improving the infrastructure which is falling into decline; the improvement and modernization of the military for Defense; foreign conflicts around the globe; the disproportionate incarceration and penalties doled out to minorities; campaign finance reform; encroachment on civil liberties by the government; reduction in Social Security benefits for seniors; the destruction of the environment and on and on it goes ad nauseum, should be the discussions that not only the candidates should be having but concerns that every single American should demand be addressed.

This country, as well as the entire world, is changing rapidly around us and the childish, inept leadership and bias information being disseminated by the media that we are experiencing can no longer be tolerated! There also seems to be a prevailing selfishness and mean-spiritedness within ourselves. Our children are also undoubtedly being affected by the behaviours of adults acting as entitled, irresponsible adolescents while the environment of a beautiful lush planet continues to be abused and its natural resources eroded.  We are at a breaking point and humanity is on the verge of a total and complete reset.  I have alluded to in previous posts that a change needs to occur within ourselves first.  There must be a consciousness awakening with respect to ourselves, our relationships, communities and governments.  Only then can there be a genuine movement to renew and revitalize the world in which we live. A world that has supported and nurtured us through both good times and bad. One that has unselfishly put up with our arrogance, ignorance and tendencies toward our own self-destruction as well as that of the only home we have known.

The actions of Mitt Romney today as well as those of most of the other participants politicsinvolved in the American election process has devolved significantly and only serve to continue to undermine a nation that was truly destined for greatness and one that was meant to stand as a shinning example of what could be accomplished when men and women of diverse race, religions and personal philosophies come together in spite of our varying and acute differences.  I truly hope and pray that it is not too late for the spark that abides within each and everyone of us to be rekindled,  illuminating a path through the darkness to a brighter future not just for the United States but for all inhabitants of this world.


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Help, Confused-Dot-Com!

confused IV

As I sit “zoning out” watching CNN and other news programmes, I am continuously bombarded (as everyone else is) by thoughts and opinions (ad nauseum) of how bad Donald Trump is. They also continue to accentuate every negative thing with regard to his candidacy  and delineate those of the other candidates even to the point of praising them – especially Hillary Clinton.  I mean it is amazing how much the “classified email issue” as well as the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation has been downplayed in the media!

In other words, the main conversation is about “How to stop Trump”.

Election I

By doing this, don’t they run the risk of driving more people to him by putting on full display the bias nature of their opinions in the media?  In some respects, the more you assert the negatives of the “Bad Boy” the more you drive others to him. It’s sort of like telling a child about the evils of drugs and alcohol and emphatically forbidding them to try it thereby creating the desire to do the opposite especially if they are angry or distrustful of you as the messenger?

I personally believe this is part of the reason why the Donald is so popular.  The electorate, in general are disgusted and distrustful of both the political establishment and the media and if they are vehemently arguing how bad something is, then by default the opposite therefore must be true?  I believe the key to effectively dealing with the “Trump Factor” is to honestly address the concerns of disaffected constituents that seem to be flocking to him regardless of whether or not one believes in the validity of those concerns.  Continued attacks on Trump will only drive more to his camp effectively creating more divisiveness among the electorate.

Just some thoughts, concerns (and confusion) with respect to the politically staged circus confused Ithat we seemed to be mired in.


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II