AVENEGERS ASSEMBLE! A Review of Avengers Endgame – No Spoilers

Avenger Endgame

Hello all.  I hope that you will enjoy this as I step out from my normal style of blogging to generate this review.  It is not a complete break from my usual as “Lifemeaning4u” deals with mediations on aspects of life and one’s place in it.  This is a growth opportunity for me to present this film review of “Marvels Avengers: End game”.   There will be absolutely NO SPOILERS so don’t be concerned and I hope you will like it.

Now whether you are a fan of the superhero genre of films are not, you should like this film or shall I say “love it!”  You would be in a great position if you have seen the previous Avengers’ movies as well as it’s associated films as they literally refer back to them.  As you may know from the last Avengers film, the collection of all the heroes were utterly defeated by the villain Thanos and the population of the universe itself was virtually halved by the snap of his fingers as well as the use of the six infinity stones he possessed.  As the film opens, the remaining heroes try to assemble to go after him with the assistance of the most recent addition to the Marvel Universe films, Captain Marvel.  Of course the plan is to try and bring back their friends and associates and to exact a little payback in the process.

Suffice it to say, Thanos is a hard kill so you can expect that he will have a significantAvenger Endgame III presence is this film.  One aspect of the movie that carried it along was its reliance on humor and characters that were,  well, out of character.  Rocket of the Guardians of the Galaxy (the racoon) is central to this along with a few others that will make it well worth the price of your admission ticket.  Another element of this film that will keep you in tune is the humanity of the characters that were left behind and how they deal with the loss of their loved ones and moving on with life.  I found that quite endearing and I firmly believe that is why Marvel has been so successful with their films as opposed to the other comic book universe of movies.  You really feel the connectedness of the characters to one another and those in their personal lives.

The film moves at a pretty good pace and you have virtually no time to rest much less get bored.  The Avengers’ rich history of past films are used to further the dynamic of this one which is why I have stated earlier that you will feel well comfortable if you haveAvenger Endgame VI seen them over the past several years.  I was highly impressed as I have always been with the Avengers films to include an enormous amount of its heroes together without making you feel overwhelmed by their presence or the action taking place…and there WILL BE A LOT OF ACTION!  In fact, they make you hungry for more action, more battles and more of the hero/villain confrontations.  Usually this is very difficult to do as you may recall in some of the past Marvel films like Spiderman 3 where multiple villains are introduced and you feel  inundated by all of the action going on.  The same was felt in some of the D.C. universe of films with multiple heroes and villains present.  Marvel has found a unique way of presenting so many at one time in a very cohesive way.  Character relationships and how they evolve has been key to this success.

Those who see this film will not be disappointed at all as you will get more than what you are hoping for.  Unfortunately we do say goodbye to a few of the central characters and there are some teary-eyed moments especially if you have bonded with them over the years.  I do feel that there departure will open the door to more dimensions of the Marvel Universe and bring more interest to the superhero genre of movies.  In any case,  prepare yourself to run through a plethora of emotions and be amused, enthralled, excited, saddened and overall pleased with this film and your trip to the theatre with this one.  Kudos for a job well done Marvel!

Please let me know what you think of the review!!!

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Are You Capable of Being True To Yourself?

True II

“This Above All, To Thine Own Self Be True” – states Polonius in Hamlet.  It is sound advice to be sure but unfortunately, goes unheeded by many.  Far too many for far too long throughout the ages have succumb to the will of others not understanding who they really are opting instead to be who or what others desire them to be.   In this instance, there is “no truth” but only a shallow image projected before us that gives no rest serving only to diminish the reality formed around us into an increasing, self-delusional reverie.  How then, has this become the standard by which one finds an easier world in which to reside?

I believe the need for acceptance outweighs truth for most.  The desire to be loved and to a certain degree deified has by-passed all logical and rational reasoning.  Why else would being the wealthiest; having the most expensive car and residence; wearing the most stylish clothes; being in the company of the best looking companion; having the most social media followers or doing things for others that is contradictory to ones true nature or desire mean so much?  Human Beings are by nature social creatures and just being part of something is not enough for most.  One must “stand out and be noticed”.  To be “ordinary” is unacceptable by our groomed nature if not by design.  Let’s face it, we are programmed daily to be more than ordinary and usually for a tidy price.  There is always someone profiting from our desire to be noticed or glorified and the only reason they are so successful is because we surrender who we are to them.  We surrender our truth.

There is an enormous amount of growth and maturation awaiting the Human Race and it all begins with being true to ourselves.  So I say to everyone, “This above all, To thine own self be true!”.

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