Happy Mother’s Day


I would like to extend a sincere Happy Mother’s Day to all of the true, genuine mums out there including my own.  To me, a mother is not someone that just gives birth to you and tells you when to go to bed; when you have to come in from playing outside; to eat all of your vegetables or that you have to go to school even when you don’t feel like. A genuine mother not only teaches you honesty, integrity, love and respect but respects you as you develop into the person that you choose to be.

A true mum understands that you will not be a perfect person or the person that she wants you to be.  A good mother will raise a child of good moral and ethical fibre that will contribute positively to their entire community. She rears her children to be polite and understanding not just with her, their Father and their siblings but with the world around them as well.

When you come across anyone with all the aforementioned characteristics and more, you can say, and believe, that they had a genuinely good and nurturing mother figure supporting them as I have had. 🙂

***By the way, good parenting and nurturing is not limited to mothers but since today is mum’s day I will say…………………………………………………………………………………….


Mother's Day

Calvin & Hobbes – Happy Mother’s Day


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Lessons Born of Children

Happy III

Calvin and Hobbes gazing at night sky


Have you ever known….

the sereneness in being carefree

of dancing like no one is watching whenever and wherever you like

of running as fast and as far as you can with no particular place to go

of singing as loud as you like not concerned about hitting the proper tones or notes

or screaming at the top of your lungs just because you felt like it


Have you ever just relaxed and enjoyed….Happy IV

staring up at a clouded sky trying to find as many shapes as you can

gazing  deep into the heavens at the diamonds sparkling on the mysterious edge of the night

resting pleasantly in the company of another where silence was comfortable rather than an unwelcomed guest


Have you ever kept yourself busy with work, not out of necessity, but because it was something that made you happy

Have you ever quarrelled with someone so vehemently and completely but found yourselves apologising minutes later as though it never happened

Have you ever felt that Forgiveness was second nature and not a laborious errand to be completed

Have you ever been blessed to be  in the company of someone that you did not have to decipher as though they were some exhaustive enigma confounding you at every turn

Did you ever want something or someone just because you truly desired it or them and not because of how you thought others would perceive you

Can you truly see the beauty of just being the person you were born to be and not who or what others believe you should be

We tend to lose ourselves as we mature until we have forgotten the lessons we should have experienced in childhood – to be carefree, happy, forgiving, unpretentious,  thoughtful though at times a little selfish, inquisitive and to love and be loved without boundaries


A word to the wise, these are life lessons to be experienced and passed on in adulthood before our journey ends


Ponder III

Calvin and Hobbes


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II