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Corruption I

Thoughts on Election 2016 and Politics


Why politics is  self-serving and corrupt.

Point to Ponder VIII

Learning V

I once new someone who informed me that they did not need to learn, grow and mature any longer. They were of sufficient age and experience that growth, learning and maturation was neither necessary nor desired.Learning III

I can’t express how much I disagreed with those sentiments. I truly believe that we are always learning and growing whether it is perceivable to us or not.  The key is in understanding and assimilating what we have learned and then utilising the resulting growth and maturation to benefit ourselves and others.

For when we cease to learn and to grow, we fail not only ourselves but the world around us.

Ponder III

Calvin and Hobbes


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


When we fail to embrace growth – we lose!

Failure of the American Dream

American Dream I

Hate to break shocking news to everyone but the American Dream much like the country itself, has been on life support for decades now. The country is nothing more than a paper tiger and shell of what it once was. Congratulations to those “Special Interest Groups”, the greedy, the elitist and their supporting cast of lawyers, judges, and politicians and last but certainly not least – the American people. That’s right, it is due to us and our self-centeredness that has allowed the aforementioned to succeed in destroying this country. “They” have learned that we will fight and fracture, bitterly, over just about any issue – religion, liberalism, conservatism, federal vs states rights, gender, race, sexual orientation, constitutional rights, class, civil relationships (why divorce is so high and we are such a litigious nation), abortion, world isolationism, environmentalism, nuclear weapons, how to deal with terrorism, illegal immigration, pandemic diseases and on and on it goes ad nauseam. All of these things and more have been utilised to instill fear within and carefully divide us until we are at each others throats, in poverty and surrendering our civil liberties and freedoms to those that know “what’s best for us”.  
Many of us have been taken in while many others have just been dumbed down and fattened up for the slaughter. Mindlessly watching television or influenced to indulge in alcohol, drugs or worthless items and services that we cannot afford (debt is good don’t you know). Meanwhile, group think and control increases as individual freedoms decrease.
When it is all said and done, OUR OWN WEAKNESSES as a people and a nation have been strategically used against us. How does the old saying goes – DIVIDE and CONQUER!
So, can everyone stand up and take a bow now!  We have played into the hands of our would-be destroyers without thinking.
The United States was a nation born of dreamers. Though it is not, and never has been,

American Dream II

George Carlin Comedian

perfect its philosophy and “ideals” are good and noble – All Men (and Women) were created equal; E Pluribus Unum (From Many One) – people from various religions, races, genders, ages, sexual orientations, and cultures can come together in peace and harmony and finally that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is EVERYONE’s inherent right. In its pure nature, this philosophy is not only applicable to Americans but to all the world’s inhabitants.  Strangely enough, under this philosophy all the world’s  people, cultures and governments share in this very ideal as a “World Culture”.  In that respect, failure of the American Dream is not only a United States failure but the World’s failure.

Wisdom I
Adiuva me verterem figuram mundiThoth II
Is it really America now?

The Simple Lessons That Haven’t Been Learned

BreakingUp IV

Growing up and growing old

Valuable lessons had to be bought but none were sold

Just a little to expensive for your taste

Too bad because they were worth their weight in gold

An “I’m Sorry” here or a “Thank You” there would have gone a long way to nurturing our souls

but you thought the world owed you much more than you were given to be sure

A notion reinforced by heartache and pain handed down through the years

has left you hard, fearful, entitled and unwilling to shed honest tears

So what can I say

there was truth and angels present when we met early that day

But without learning those lessons to shed light on those dark little places

the only way for us to grow was apart

To think of the journey we made together

and the many promises that were foretold

Losing it all for the sake of those simple lessons that haven’t been learned

Is a high price to pay for a faithful story that will never unfold


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II



Patiently Awaiting the Homecoming (a Poem)

Return I

Why do I suffer the lack of kindred spirits

Why was I made to behold life bare

No shade to conceal the day’s shame; no mist to cloak the night’s regrets

Only the elegant truth as my devoted companion confined in bittersweet memories

So then, when returns my family that I may renew alliance and bonds so bold

that I may finally savour the pleasure of loves creator and bask in the comfort of the roses from whence wisdom blooms

Dare I commune with them where dreams bathe in Heavens glow

Release me from this den of wrath and rage

Where there is no recognition of neither beauty nor light

Where malicious hands do partake of other worldly effects

and lips do speak that of sweet devilment

In the shadows do I remain faithfully with heavy heart, chaste and remorseful

patiently remaining for the hour of redemption and the deliverance from distress

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

Supplication for Peace

Think I

There is a deafening silence that surrounds me that must be filled with the noise in my head

Every word and every action cannot be contained within the confines of my mind

Speak slowly, whisper softly and let me consume the emotions that I dare not display

Lay me down to sleep in arms so gentle and so sweet, Lay me down to sleep so that I may find peace


Here in the vacuum of space filled with hate in a valley of ignorance there’s no escape

Everyone talks, few listen and the multitude conspire to reach the entrance to a vault containing illusions prepared for the blind

There they search without rest, without thought and without compassion for treasure that has no meaning and that will never satisfy

Lay me down to sleep that my eyes may find beauty in the darkness, Lay me down to sleep so that I may find peace


Where are the angels to hold my hand on a journey fraught with danger, where is God to transport me from the deep

Can’t You see that the candle has nearly faded and that there is no satisfying the insatiable Beast


I am wide awake now and my eyes see that which I never wanted to see

Forgive me for my prayers for wisdom without considering the consequences

Forgive me for arrogance and for my lust and for my pride

The anxiety of all that I have endured I can no longer hide nor contain the anguish of all the voices inside

So, Lay me down to sleep in arms so gentle and so sweet, Lay me down to sleep so that I may find peace

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

When The Lights Went Out: Three Glorious Days In The Dark

 3 Days II

At the heart of summer’s delight among playful ignorance, the sun shines no more

The darkness that follows is met first with anxiety, then with trepidation

Thoughts of the masses immediately descend into chaos and questions without answers are formulated and then quickly dismissed

Practical concerns for sustenance and safety are obsessed as heaven’s gate opens and closes

Staring into the heart of the abyss, a chosen few observe a beacon of light confined within the night

It is for this very moment that they have been preparing

Dream weavers construct an emerald bridge to ferry the hopes of the faithful

They courageously navigate the torrent waters of rage, fear and distress to emerge on the horizon of a new dawn, the precipice of a new genesis

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II