I Can’t Be Held Responsible!


Hillary I

“I reiterate, I cannot be held responsible for those Top Secret emails! I have AFFLUENZA! Just ask Goldman Sachs!”

(Just a little political levity everyone so no need to lose a plot!)



Swan Song

swan III

Swan song can be defined as one’s final performance before retirement. In my recent reflective state, I have spent time ruminating over the breadth of my life’s experiences. It occurred to me that if my swan song approached, would I be content with what I have done with my time here.  I am sure that at some point or another this question has been pondered by nearly everyone.  What would your answer be?

I realise that no one enjoys thinking about endings of this sort but as with the seasons, winter eventually comes.  It can be short and mild or long and harsh but make no mistake it will come!  What then will you say of the magnum opus that you have completed? Was it more self-serving or directed at benefiting others?  Was it crude and mean-spirited or gentle and kind? Was it purely a work of fiction or did you present the genuine truth?

None of us can state honestly that what we have created in our lives is perfection but I believe we do know deep within ourselves whether or not we can be pleased, if not content with our work.  I would like to think that though I cannot ascribe the term “perfect” to my life, I certainly have given more than I have taken; shown kindness, compassion and patience even when it has not been reciprocated and have endeavoured to live and love as honestly as I could.  In that sense, I have little regrets. I guess when it all comes right down to it, honesty is the key word for consideration.  Being honest with oneself as well as with others is one of the more challenging concepts for most to grasp. As this world seems to be on the verge of coming unhinged, is it not important now more than ever to be honest with ourselves and consider where we are as individuals; what we have done with our lives and where we are going?

We would all like to think that we are invincible and that life will go on as it always has without fail no matter how many times chicken little screams that the sky is falling. But the truth of the matter is that our swan song is forthcoming.  The earth and our lives on it has been undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts for some time now.  It seems that even the immediate heavens above us are changing with the possible approach of a new star withinswan IV our system.  Nothing in life ever remains the same.  This post was not meant to be a morbid contemplation on death and endings or a cold reflection on mortality but rather a call to wake up and examine our lives and how we have spent it.  I have always felt that endings were difficult but have found that within every ending there is a new beginning.  The swan song itself is not as important as the lyrics we have composed to complete it.  For that aspect, more than any other determines what new beginning we are to embrace.


Wisdom II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II



No End To Wicked Machinations

Villain II

This is a true blog unlike my usual posts in the sense that it is comprised of a daily incident or happening. (Just felt the need to clarify this point) It is also a rant!

I was just informed by my mobile phone carrier that they were charging 1.25 now every month as some “CONTRIBUTION” by every state.  I informed my carrier (AT&T) that a contribution is what one gives willingly.  This is being taken whether I want it or not.  In fact, every carrier will be charging this fee.  It is incredible that they are finding new ways to take more from you while giving you less and limiting your freedoms.

Strangely enough I also lost internet connections both mobile and home shortly after complaining about the theft.

It seems we are truly inching closer to the end of days and total anarchy.  We all need to wake up and see things as they truly are and not as we would like them to be!


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II